Speakbook is an inexpensive, low-tech communication tool that allows you to talk with a speaking partner using only your eyes. It is easy to use and takes only seconds to learn.

Speakbook was developed by Patrick Joyce, who has MND/ALS. People with MND usually lose the ability to talk and use their hands, and Patrick realized that there was a need for a cheap, easy to use, communication tool for people who only have their eyes left. Even people with hi-tech communication equipment have times when speakbook is invaluable. It is not only MND either, people with many other neurological disorders benefit from speakbook.

speakbook.org is a not for profit organization, and you may download and print speakbook free of charge. We also encourage you to alter it, distribute it and sell it under the terms of the following licence  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you would like to produce, sell or distribute your own edition of speakbook, then please go ahead! Let us know and we will link to it and promote it on this website.

Would you like to help? We would like to translate speakbook into as many languages as possible. If you’ve got an idea or a request for a new type of speakbook – or ideas on how to improve this one, then contact us on our Facebook page.

Speakbook would like to thank Gabriel De Kadt, whose generous donation of time and skill made this website possible.